Mobile X-ray: New Generation Safety

When X-ray devices were first invented, they used to be really bulky and had an utterly complicated system of wires. The size went on decreasing and the wires went on being simplified. And today we have wireless X-ray devices in front of us. These are portable and are useful at places where there is no electricity. They are usually used by the police and military departments to check suspicious stuff without touching the stuff. It has been said that x-rays are also being built in hand held devices now to ease their duties further. Though they don’t give images with the quality as good as the bulky devices, the pictures are clear enough to locate any unethical or unwanted things. Also during war and such situations where people live in a tent, putting up a whole X-ray machine is impossible. Portable X-rays machines have come as bliss to those people as they are able to carry on their medical check-ups.

Many of mobile x-ray devices don’t even require a dark room nowadays. For example, an x-ray system called nomad-pro produces digital x-ray images, can do its work even in the light during daytime and is light weight weighing about six pounds only. It is not difficult to operate them as well. Unlike the other x-ray devices, it doesn’t require knowledge of computers and software.

Because of the increasing potential dangers of terrorism, the US government is introducing as many measures as possible. Mobile X-rays in vans have come into the scene lately to randomly check people at any place. It is commonly called ZBV by them. They first appeared in September, 2009. They use the same technology as that of the body scanners in airports. And they also get through everything in the body that is beyond the clothing. They are used to investigate cars and houses randomly. They are also expected to be useful in the upcoming big events like London Olympics 2012.

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              However, these devices have often been criticized by the general population because of its hindrance in personal activities and health hazards caused by the radiation. To some extent the criticism is also sensible, because these machines do cross the privacy line. Though it has its own benefits; now every car doesn’t need to be stopped to check and they can be checked more efficiently. The drivers will not be asked for their license or insurance, and hence lets them a little free. And some benefits have already come into the scene. A few drug scandals and such cases have been solved by this van. During the majority of times, the one who is being inspected doesn’t even know that he is being inspected. But for the health part, constant maintenance of the device has to be done so that the X-rays are comparatively safer. One small negligent act can cause a great injury. Hence, the government has to carry out its responsibility well.

              X-rays are getting more and more mobile with the passage of time. In fact in the future, it is even predicted that the smart phones will have X-ray vision. This project of the students at University of Texas Dallas is likely to enable the next generation with superheroes’ power. 50 years back, nobody had predicted that x-ray machines would develop to the present extent. Hence, we never know what happens in the next 50 years. All we can do is wait and watch. But with this pace, development is bound to happen.

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